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Come meet Tamara and Meghan and other members of the board at the ANME show, July 15th-17th in LA, where we will be hosting a special member’s only meet and greet (if you are not a member and want to come sign up, we’d love to have you as well!).

Drop by our booth and learn when and where our meet-up will be. Don’t miss this special networking opportunity! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon on our social media.

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FSC: Tired of Banking Discrimination?

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The Latest From Our Blog: Do This Provocative Out-of-the-Box Creative Marketing Ideas, to combat censorship and shadow-banning on social media.

Latest Issue of Sexual Health Magazine features Dr. Tara, Pump it Up: A Guide to Enlargement Products, Three’s a Crowd [Pleaser]: Exploring Relationships Beyond Monogamy, Tantra Foreplay, and more!

Playground Raises $2M in Funding: Sexual wellness brand Playground is expanding its retail presence as its now available at Target following its first institutional round of funding that reached its goal of $2 million.

India in Focus: A Look at the Region’s Budding Pleasure Market: Rich in culture and steeped in tradition, India has contributed some of the world’s most important and enduring art and literature — including classic depictions and examinations of sex and sexuality, most notably the Kama Sutra.

Beducated Releases Survey About Exercise and Sex: Beducated has released a survey on the link between regular exercise and increased sexual satisfaction.


Sexual Wellness Resources

Our Resources Page has lots of sexual wellness goodies from manufacturers, distributers, white and private label, branding, marketing, web design and more, to reproductive and sexual health care, education, research, STDs/STIs, pleasure and dysfunction, relationships, and anatomy.

Born and raised in Mesa, AZ. She is the owner of the former company “Porn Pinatas” that crafted one of a kind pinatas for adult parties and events. The company was established in 2008 and is currently being revised with its opening scheduled soon.
Stefanie is currently studying to become a certified Love Coach and Sexologist. She has worked in various areas in the adult industry. She, along with her husband, currently run a successful poker tournament in Mesa. They have built a community of people who enjoy playing together and discussing current events.

Her journey has allowed her to attend various industry events and meet several industry leaders. Stefanie is an advocate for building community, education for both staff and customers in the adult arena. She is looking forward to getting back into the industry by building her business and participating in industry events.

Stefanie and Jim have been married for about 5 years.



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