Best Sex Podcasts

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Join Amy and April for radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy with a playful twist.
Dan Savage, America’s only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics and sex.
Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between!
Sex nerds and best friends Billy ( and Kate ( talk about all things sex, dating, and masturbating.
Sex. Dating. Gender. Love. Comedian Billy Procida hosts weekly conversations on everything you’re not allowed to talk about on Slack. It’s like Sex and the City meets Howard Stern if he minored in gender studies.
Home of the world’s most OPEN, HONEST & EXPLICIT conversations! Hosted by award winning sex & relationship content creators, sex educators & p0rn directors: Florence Bark and Reed Amber.
The Kink and BDSM podcast, for those in the lifestyle and those who are curious. Each week, hosts Dick Wound and minimus maximus, sit down for a discussion with a new guest covering topics about kink,  from bizarre to  vanilla.
Each week, Dr. Nazanin Moali interviews experts, psychologists, mental health practitioners and researchers to explore the most intriguing findings in psychology of sex and intimacy from a scientific perspective.

Comedian Remy Kassimir had NEVER had an orgasm, so she started this podcast to figure it out. Spoiler alert: SHE DID IT! And now in its 5th season How C*m has helped thousands of Cumpanions have their first O’s, with the help of hundreds of expert guests.

What’s it REALLY like to be in an open relationship? Find out as we re-tell our real-life adventures as swingers! From Brenna’s hotwife encounters to Brian’s solo fun, we share it all on our weekly show!

Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had.

A spicy blend of true stories, in-depth reporting and inspiration! Journalist August McLaughlin explores sexual empowerment and pleasure, guiding with people’s lived experiences. Girl Boner Radio is LGBTQIA+ friendly and all genders are welcome!