Welcome to SWPA – Sexual Wellness Professional Alliance

Sexual Wellness Professional Alliance, a division of the Free Speech Coalition

This industry relies on people, not products.

We are the Sexual Wellness Professional Alliance, a division of the Free Speech Coalition.

 We are here to activate this industry’s most powerful resource – each other.

Serving the needs of sexual wellness industry professionals, SWPA aims to be equal parts trade organization, advocacy group, and resource provider. As membership expands, so will our continual growth toward achieving our four primary goals.

Our mission is to:

  • Create a unified voice for sexual wellness industry professionals
  • Improve collaborative, professional communication
  • Offer education, mentorship opportunities, and shared resources
  • Financially support the FSC’s legal advocacy on behalf of sexual wellness retailers

Why Now?

Collectively, adult product retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and sex educators serve millions, employ thousands, and contribute significantly to our regional economies. From marketers to managers and everyone in between, adult sector professionals have historically been left to find answers and navigate complexities alone. In the absence of industry associations or shared resources, we’ve simply become accustomed to tackling our common issues independently. Growing mainstream acceptance, expanded retail and marketplace visibility, and the continued wave of venture capital make one thing clear – now is a great time to be part of the sexual wellness industry. However, these influences have introduced new challenges for every individual working to serve this market. As a division of the Free Speech Coalition, our new professional organization aims to activate this industry’s most powerful resource – each other.

Together, we will create an alliance informed by the work of those who spent decades building and defending this industry while creating new opportunities for the future.

Our Goals


Filling the significant void caused by a lack of collective representation, our first goal will be to create a unified voice that speaks on behalf of our constituent members. Whether it be for public-facing media coverage or institutional conversations, ensuring the group is represented fairly – and factually – will be top priority.


Before we can help each other, we must first understand each other. This prescribes our second goal: to improve our industry’s collaborative communication. By promoting regular interactions and group discussions, we plan to steadily climb toward the mutually beneficial sharing of knowledge, information, and experiences.


Both an extension and biproduct of improved communication, our third goal is to develop a collection of industry-experienced resources. Whether it’s education, professional services, or peer mentorship, we hope to provide fair and friendly access to individuals that have our best interests in mind.


Finally, and most consequentially, our fourth goal is to provide financial support to the Free Speech Coalition’s efforts to protect sexual wellness retailers. Retailers are the foundation – and bellwether – of our industry’s stability, and they’re often the first businesses to face the challenges of evolving legislative and institutional restrictions. With our support, they’ll no longer face these challenges alone.

How Can I Participate?

Find out more about our current member’s programs here.

Lend Your Voice

As topics arise, the SWPA will seek your input, experiences, and opinions to help construct a unified statement or response to outside inquiries.

Share Your Experience

Help us build a more educated and informed workforce by offering to meet and mentor other industry professionals.

Share Your Resources

Have an amazing vendor, service provider, or professional that’s industry-friendly and interested in new work? This is your opportunity to make it a win-win with a simple referral.

Invest in Your Industry

At just $10 per month (paid yearly at $120), your SWPA membership fee will directly support operating costs and legislative advocacy efforts through the Free Speech Coalition. Click the link below to join SWPA and support our collective mission.

SWPA Sponsorship

While SWPA membership is restricted to individuals, business entities are kindly asked to consider financial sponsorship. Sponsorships can be developed to fit any business’s needs or budget. Businesses can sponsor SWPA programs, membership for their employees, or simply contribute to the organization’s operational needs.

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