BURBANK, Calif. — The Sexual Wellness Professionals Alliance (SWPA) launched its membership program at ANME in January.
SWPA membership is open to active industry professionals and costs $120 per year, but a discounted rate of $100 per year is available through February by using the code ANME at SWPAFSC.org.

“As the venue for the group’s formal introduction, ANME allowed SWPA organizers the opportunity to meet with industry professionals in person for the first time,” a rep explained.

Over the course of the three-day event, committee chairs, FSC staff and volunteers joined SWPA Administrator Tamara Payton Bell in presenting the group’s core mission and answering questions.

“The SWPA booth, situated directly across from show registration, became a hub of activity as show attendees picked up information and submitted membership applications,” the rep noted.

“This was a bigger success than we’d hoped for,” Payton Bell offered. “I was able to visit nearly every booth at the show and I can tell you that the excitement was real. Whether folks had heard about our efforts or were just learning about them, the reactions were overwhelmingly positive.”

SWPA is “dedicated to serving the complex needs of individuals working within sexual wellness manufacturing, distribution, sales and education,” the rep added, explaining that the group’s four-part mission is: Create a unified voice for sexual wellness industry professionals; improve collaborative, professional communication; offer education, mentorship opportunities, and shared resources; and financially support the FSC’s legal advocacy on behalf of sexual wellness businesses.

Group organizers and volunteers will attend several upcoming trade events, including the Altitude Intimates show in Las Vegas later this month.

For more information, contact tamara@freespeechcoalition.com.

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