Photo by Kira Cheers.

Dirty Lola is an award-winning sex edutainer, speaker, and self-proclaimed dildo slinger. Known for her live sex ed, Q&A show, Sex Ed A Go-Go, and as a Sexpert on the Netflix docuseries, The Principles of Pleasure, Lola has spent over a decade working to end the stigma and shame surrounding sex and sexuality, while sharing her own personal discoveries with poly and kink.

We asked Lola: What is one thing that you’d like to change about our industry?

“I would love to see more unity and collaboration. Our industry is vast and deserves way more respect than we get. Competition is natural in what we do, but we must learn what healthy competition looks like while collaborating to make policy changes and challenge the societal biases that keep knocking around. What’s happening in government these days is no longer just affecting sex workers. It’s coming for all of us; sex educators, online stores, mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar shops, distributors, pleasure product companies etc, etc. We shouldn’t have ignored it before and definitely can’t ignore it now. That’s why SWAPA is so essential. This is our chance to work together and create change that will ultimately serve all of us and impact our industry positively for years to come.”

Lola is an education consultant for Spectrum Boutique, on the advisory board for the Youth Sexpert Program, and has brought her unique flavor of sex-ed to numerous sexual wellness brands.