Meet David Eliason. Born and raised in South Dakota he and his wife moved to central Florida following their wedding. After working in a variety of positions David began offering CCTV and computer networking solutions to a wide variety of clients. One of those clients was a company focused on adult related businesses that operated both retail stores, arcade systems and gentlemen’s clubs. Eventually an opportunity to invest in a store with the company came along and he jumped at the opportunity.

David and his family returned to South Dakota where he invested in two new stores with the Florida company. He separated from the organization and decided to open Dick & Jane’s Naughty Spot in Sturgis, South Dakota. The success of that store led to the addition of a second location in Rapid City in 2018.

His journey has included multiple successful federal lawsuits to overcome municipalities trying to interfere with the right to open the stores. David is a strong advocate for education both for staff and customers. He continues to assist developing staff members into career positions not just “jobs”.

David has been married to his wife Renee for almost 33 years. They have a daughter and three grandchildren they are very proud of.